On-Page Screw ups we Sometimes do

As we all know on page seo is crucial to rank on google but it hurts to see that there are so many seo companies still getting it wrong! Now im not going onto the entire on page process that’s just going take me to long and i am way to lazy for all that.

Funny Meme

so i will be talking about over optimization:

now we all know that we must get a keyword in the Title and meta descriptions (Not that important anymore).

And of course H1, H2,H3 and bold and italic and anchor text. now that’s sounds like a lot but in truth its not. When you have a webpage with a couple of thousand of words you can get your keyword in a lot! Personally shoot for a keyword density of about 3% or so. Again the more content you have the more keywords you can put in the content.

Now dont just stick with one keyword the entire time use different variations  of that keyword for example

lets use cash loans:

  • Cash loans
  • Personal cash loans
  • need cash for a loan?
  • Quick loans to get cash

Now that in your content will look a lot more natural and make sense.

Dont forget about images so many people forget to add an image ALT tags dont forget it is a easy way of getting a keyword in your content and again if you have a few different images on your website use variations of the keyword.

Now to start talking about the title of this blog On-Page donts we sometime do:

Now there is something i have been seeing a lot of these days there are a few seo companies that over optimize your website by placing two of the same keywords in different pages of the website. from experience i learned that targeting a keyword with two pages on the website just confuses Google and then you struggle to rank.

Choose one keyword per page and one secondary keyword that’s not so competitive and optimize the side accordingly. What ever you do just dont use that same keyword on a different page.